Engineered Quartz Stone Slabs is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by a polyester resin. Engineered Quartz Stone Slabs products are gaining in popularity and are sometimes preferred over granite products because Engineered Quartz Stone Slabs requires less maintenance. Compared to unsealed granite, it has better resistance to stains. Quartz is the major filler, although other material like coloured glass, shells, metals, or mirrors might be added. A typical material will consist of 93% quartz by weight and 7% resin. Different types of resins are used by different manufacturers.

Engineered Quartz Stone Slabs is typically stronger in flexibility and hardness, and less porous, than natural stone. It is typically uniform in structure leading to inherent strength; whereas natural stone may by-nature contain fissures, cracks, or weaknesses in structure.

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